The current trend in ACC and ACHE engineering is to develop smaller and more modular heat exchangers. These modular versions are a smaller reproduction of the conventional A-frame Air Cooled Condenser design.

This new design featuring factory assembled structural components, duct and modular heat exchanger bundles.

The factory pre-assembled modular ACC fin tube bundles include steam and condensate manifolds, which eliminate site welding and ensure excellent quality.

AX System innovation

With construction savings, construction time can be reduced by several months for large power plants. In increasing the surface exchange, modular ACC can also increase power production at low ambient air temperatures.

But with this new design, there is no more access between the tube bundles to clean with a traditional cleaning system… so AX SYSTEM have had once again to innovate!

Here is a video of presentation of our solution, where the cleaning nozzle carrier is sliding horizontally, hydraulically driven by our patented hose pusher. Fin tubes are effectively cleaned by high-pressure spray, supplied by a frequency drive electrical pump.