Exceeding our clients’ requirements

Innovation is our best value in ACC cleaning and AX cleaner. we are specaialized in High pressure cleaning

AX SERVICES has historically had a strong innovation strategy. It is our customers’ needs which have prompted us to continue moving forward by regularly creating new machines and exploring new areas.

We now generate 90% of our turnover from exports and have patented the machines we have created.

Our company’s expertise chiefly lies in the skills of our teams and their ability to:

  • Find inventive technical solutions
  • Choose components that are suitable for application

We operate on the basis of a progress strategy with strong values:

  • Agility: reacting quickly and seizing opportunities in an astute way.
  • Tenacity: setting ambitious goals…and not giving up!
  • Results: never losing sight of our goals.
  • Inventiveness: possessing a strong taste for innovative solutions.

Sustainable development

Our machines help to improve the productivity of your cooling systems while saving energy. It’s not all talk and no walk at AX System: we genuinely contribute to the protection of the environment by saving energy.