On-board cleaning ramps

Our custom designed cleaning systems are integrated into production equipment. They enable fast, efficient and safe cleaning.

Advantages :

  • Capability: the dimensioning of the cleaning solution allows an efficient cleaning of the areas to be cleaned
  • Repeatability: the quality of the cleaning is constant
  • Safe to work with: the cleaning solution is integrated into the equipment and is CE certified, allowing safe cleaning for the operators, the products and the machine.
  • Increased uptime, cleaning cycles are shorter than manual intervention, maximising equipment availability
  • Efficient cleaning with minimum water consumption.
  • Automation of the cleaning cycles: the cleaning phases can be automated according to the equipment’s cycles.
  • Continuous or sequential cleaning

Rampe de nettoyage de filtres rotatifs AX SystemWashing ramp for NIVOBA vacuum rotary filters (food industry)

Rotary filters are designed for the clarification of highly charged liquids. The principle of operation is the deposition of a continuous layer which is then filtered, the deposit is scraped off at the end of the filter revolution.

Our range of mobile ramps on rotary filters allow efficient and constant cleaning.

Operating rate 30L/minute @ @ Maximum pressure 250barg

Extruder Screw Cleaning

L’extrusion est un procédé très utilisé dans les processus agroalimentaires. Utilisé à haute température, ce process peut engendrer des encrassements difficiles à nettoyer par des solutions manuelles.

Nettoyage de vis d'extrudeuse AX System

Extrusion is a widely used process in the food industry. When used at high temperatures, this process can cause fouling that is difficult to clean with manual solutions.

The sticky products can be caramel, sugar, glaze, etc. To avoid the risk of foreign bodies appearing during manual cleaning (e.g. with metal brushes), we offer high-pressure cleaning ramps to safely remove the screws

Operating rate 50L/minute @ Maximum pressure 1000barg

Rampe de lavage de convoyeurs sécheurs AX SystemWashing ramp for conveyor dryer (food industry)

Cleaning solution for conveyor dryers in the food industry. Mobile cleaning ramp. During the cleaning process, the head moves back and forth to ensure efficient cleaning while minimising water consumption. The cleaning head is positioned outside the process area to avoid any contact with the products.

Operating flow rate 150L/@ Maximum pressure 75barg

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Nettoyage automatique sur broyeur de biodéchets, AX SystemAutomatic cleaning on biowaste grinders

Integrated mobile washing ramp on biowaste shredders.
Operating rate 100L/@ Maximum pressure 100barg

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