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By AX System

AX Cleaner®: the solution to clean your heat exchangers.

The AX Cleaner® is the global reference solution for cleaning exchangers and condensers. This suite of technical solutions addresses all market configurations. Featuring numerous patented innovations, the AX Cleaner® is designed with a constant focus on ease of use and reliability. For example, its particularly inventive hydraulic motorization obviates the need for an electrical supply at the exchanger deck. Moreover, the vertical movement of the cleaning head is facilitated by the hose, which acts as a mechanical transmission device besides its function of delivering pressurized water to the nozzles. There are thus no belts or chains, which are sensitive components especially in environments with high temperatures. One final example worth mentioning is the design of our cleaning chassis, whose bridge-inspired design is also patented, allowing the mass of moving elements to be halved without reducing stiffness.

While the AX Cleaner® is available in several standard versions, it can also be custom-configured to specific requirements for particular environments (e.g., ATEX)

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A unique patented system at the service
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A unique patented
system at the
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AX System automatic solutions benefits

AX System’s cleaning solutions offer significant advantages over manual cleaning methods. Our equipment is designed for tailored cleaning performance, ensuring optimum process capability. Unlike manual methods, our solutions deliver the same cleaning quality and result every time, ensuring repeatability.

Automation Level

Our AX Cleaner is available in several configurations, depending on both the type of heat exchanger to be cleaned and the desired level of automation:

  • Manual AX Cleaner: This system is not motorized. The vertical cleaning rails are equipped with nozzles along their entire height and are manually moved by the operator horizontally to clean the entire exchanger. They must be used by experienced operators to ensure the cleaning is as effective as a semi-automatic or automatic system.
  • Semi-automatic AX Cleaner: The cleaning head moves vertically using a motorized system (the pusher), but horizontal movement is done manually. The cleaning speed is controlled by the motorization, ensuring both regular and effective cleaning. This configuration is the most popular, as it offers an excellent price-to-cleaning efficiency and ease of operation ratio.
  • Fully Automatic AX Cleaner: In addition to the vertical motorization of the cleaning head, the rails move horizontally thanks to a motorized system located at the bottom of the rails. This configuration allows for complete automation of the cleaning process, providing consistent, efficient, and labor-free operation.

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