Solar PanelThe production of electricity from a solar panel directly depends on the light which reaches the cell, and therefore on the cleanliness of the cell.

Cells are often wired in series, so a single speck on a cell impacts the production of the entire panel.

Optimising production of solar farm

The productivity of a large solar panel therefore cannot be guaranteed without an effective way of keeping the panels clean. Thanks to our cleaning experience in the world of energy production, we can offer the right solution for solar farm.

How does it works?

Attentive to the solar plants operators constraints of use, AX SYSTEM has developed the simplest of use and the most effective photovoltaic panel cleaning solution. Our solution is completely autonomous and requires noelectrical connection or water network.
The robot is supplied with pressurized water by our diesel pump unit, which provides water for cleaning andmoving. No power supply is required. The robot does not carry any battery or electronic equipment, guaranteeing exceptional reliability.
Each row of panels is cleaned in two successive rounds trip. At the end of the cycle, the robot automatically positions itself on the rolling support, which then allows the robot to be placed in front of the next row. Robot control requires two operators. No robot handling is required.
how does it works ?
Thanks to our outstanding technology, our robot is also the fastest and the most water economical:

  • Cleaning speed 3000 m2/ h per passage
  • Movement speed: 25 m/min – 1.5 km/h
  • Water consumtion 0.10 L/m2 per passage

solar panel cleaning robot

Technical data

The cleaning robot is motioned by an hydraulic watermotor, which rotates 1 cylindrical brush and a driving belt
No electricity is required on the robot. The technology is robust, smart and simple, without any electronical device or battery, which ensures a very long life expenctancy with very low maintenance operation.

  • Lenght : No maximum
  • Weight : 40 kg (depending on panel size)
  • Brush diameter : 200 mm
  • Brush speed : 200 tr/min
  • Max panel inclinaison : No maximum

A triple cleaning action combined

A triple cleaning action combined

The cleaning is performed by three combined actions: the rotation of the brush, the high pressure water and two squeegees. This ensures a very high cleaning efficiency in only one cleaning cycle.


No damage on the panels

no damage on the panels

Our technology guarantees no damage on the photvoltaic panel. Indeed, the brush material is very soft and has been chosen to avoid any risk of scratch. Moreover, the weight of the robot is distributed uniformely by the brushes themselves. The pressure on the cells does not exceed 7 Mpa.

Trailer with diesel high pressure pump

remorque 2000L

When no electricity and no water inlet is easily accessible, this trailer is the solution. It comes with a 2000 liters polyethylene water tank, and a diesel high pressure pump.
This trailer can be towed between the power plant aisle by any car, and will deliver to the cleaning robots enough water to clean 20 000 m2 for one passage (approx. 1.5 MW).
Other tank capacity are available on request.

Diesel high pressure pump

diesel high pressure pump

Our cleaning robots is feeded by an high pressure water pump which delivered the flow rate required to clean and to motion. With our Diesel High Pressure Pump, no electrical connection is required. The pump is 100% autonomous and just has to be connected to the low pressure water.
Electrical drive pump are also available on demand.

rolling support

Rolling support

Our rolling support is used to displace the cleaning robots easily from panel to panel.
After cleaning a row of panels, the robot ends its run on the support. Then operator moves the support manually to the next row, and launch the robot for a new cycle.
The support also permits to store the robot between the phases of use.
Under the rolling support, a reel allows the smooth running and rewinding of the hose when using the robot.

compatibilité panneaux solaire


Our cleaning robot is compaptible with most of the solar panel technology and shape. It can even be installed on frameless photovoltaic panel.

Why to clean a photovoltaic panel?

The cells of a photovoltaic panels are connected in series. If only one cells is hiden from the sun by dirt, the efficiency af the whole pannel drops. annual financial tableDepending on the natural environnement around the solar plant, we estimate that without cleaning, the efficiency drops from 2 to 15% per month.

Thanks to a regular cleaning, solar power
plants can maintain a constant efficiency
and save money.

How long for my installation ?

Cleaning time table
It is interesting to have several robots to divide these cleaning times. The time is estimated in hours of work or working day of about 10 hours

Here are the cleaning times depending on the size
of your installation and the number of robots

Investment return

The expected investment return for panels is made possible by the efficiency of the cleaning machine.

We’re often involved in the design of solar panel farms, but can also upgrade existing systems.