AX System has created a unique concept to enable the regular cleaning of your air coolers and to optimise the cooling of your industrial system.

A unique, patented system

AX Cleaner = 1 high-power pump unit + 1 pusher-spool + 1 ladder system + 1 set of high-pressure cleaning nozzles = the best solution for ACC cleaning.

The motor pump unit produces water under very high pressure and will feed your entire cleaning system.

The pusher-spool is powered by the motor pump unit and lets you precisely position the flexible hose which will feed the cleaning heads across the height of your air coolers, without any risk of the pipes entangling. The system is designed to be operated by a single operator.

A ladder receives all the cleaning heads and lets them move as close as possible to the area to be cleaned.

The solution presented distinguishes all the washing heads, the ladder and the reel. The motor pump unit is depressed below the air cooler and therefore absent from the illustration.

A solution tailored to each situation


There is not a single AX Cleaner but a range adapted to the different configurations for all ACC cleaning:

  • Low or high power,
  • Height of the air coolers,
  • Power supply or hydraulic supply of the retractor,
  • Radio communication system,

In the illustration on the right, there are several components of a low-power AX Cleaner:

  • The pusher spool
  • The ladder and washing system.

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