Vertical ladder for ACC cleaningIn both cases the AX Cleaner system for ACC cleaning incorporates a ladder system which supports the washing head and allows it to move in a reciprocating motion along the air cooler to be cleaned.

We offer different types of ladders:

  • One which supports only the washing head
  • One which enables a person to enter
  • One which is specially adapted to horizontal air coolers

In the example opposite, you can clearly distinguish the ladder itself (the model allowing the operator access) and the washing head which goes up and down along the rungs.


ladder with wheels for ACC cleaner AX System

For A Frame

  • Ladder which moves on 2 rails at the ends
  • Ladder which moves on air cooler (rubber tyre)
  • Ladder with operator access or not.

For flat air cooler

  • Rail placed on air cooler

In the example opposite, a wheel-ladder is placed directly on the air cooler to be cleaned.