Pusher spool for AX Cleaner ACC cleaning
Most of our customers use our hydraulic water retractors which have the major advantage of motorising the head movement by simply bypassing part of the cleaning water flow under pressure. The only energy supply required at the cleaning site is therefore the pressurised water hose coming from the motor pump and it can be positioned relatively far from the air condenser to be cleaned.

We’ve become used to calling it a “pusher” and it’s at the centre of our system.

The function of the retractor is to motorise the movement of the cleaning head on the exchange surface.

  • Hydraulic water power
  • 220V , 110V or 24V electric power

Its ease of use means a single operator can clean your air cooler batteries.

Multiple options

AX system offers many configurations tailored to each user, such as:

  • Atex or non-Atex
  • Wireless limit switch (automatic return)
  • Retractor which is moved or can be dismantled from the pusher
  • Mixer additive machine via Venturi pump (foam projection)
  • Slinging handles


Below you’ll find two examples of the configuration of electric retractor pushers (220 V and 24V DC).

Electric Pusher for ACC cleaninghydraulic Pusher for ACC cleaning