ferme solaireThe production of electricity from a solar panel directly depends on the light which reaches the cell, and therefore on the cleanliness of the cell.

Cells are often wired in series, so a single speck on a cell impacts the production of the entire panel.

Optimising production

The productivity of a large solar panel therefore cannot be guaranteed without an effective way of keeping the panels clean. Thanks to our cleaning experience in the world of energy production, we can offer the right solution.


Cleaning must be gentle so as not to scratch the panels, but also vigorous to guarantee good results. This balancing act means that cleaning takes time, so it is essential to make it automatic.

Nettoyage automatisé de panneaux solairesOur double-axis cleaning robots work without you even noticing. Our rotary brushes are powered by a hydraulic water motor, with the water acting as lubricant and detergent to clean the surface. The robot head moves slowly over the surface of the panels.

Investment return

The expected investment return for panels is made possible by the efficiency of the cleaning machine.

We’re often involved in the design of solar panel farms, but can also upgrade existing systems.