air-cooling systems

To keep air coolers in good working order, it’s essential to clean them regularly. The air circulated by fans contains many kinds of waste which obstructs the blades and impacts heat exchange performance levels.

This is the thinking behind AX Services, which has always specialised in the cleaning of air-cooling systems.

Le siège social AX system à Bailleul (Hauts de France)

Headquartered in the commune of Bailleul in northern France, AX Services manufactured its own cleaning machines for air coolers and air condensers, then patented the concept to be able to offer them to its industrial customers.

AX System is now continuing with industrial innovation and offers a number of industrial systems.

An original concept with proven effectiveness

Our patented system, the AX Cleaner robot, enables semi-automated cleaning using a high-pressure water jet.

This innovative system consists of a high-pressure motor pump, a multi-nozzle cleaning head, and a displacement device which we call the retractor reel.

Lightweight, compact and widely tested, our cleaning system is extremely mobile and perfectly suited to the cleaning of air condensers, whether A-type systems or horizontal systems.

un concept innovantEnergy savings

Regularly using an AX Cleaner system cuts back energy usage by 10% in air coolers. A quick calculation of an industrial system reveals the financial savings obtained and calculates the machine’s depreciation from the third month of operation.

Multiple variants

Our experience with the AX Cleaner has allowed us to offer our customers quite a few products which are particularly sought after in the industrial world:

  • Misting system (adiabatic cooling of air coolers)
  • Cleaning of press filters in water treatment plants
  • Cleaning of solar panels

We also distribute machines based on our know-how such as ultra high-pressure motor pumps (used for industrial testing), HPP pumps which trade in, and more.

Cleaning services

Our primary vocation, the provision of cleaning services, is ever-present and we very often work with numerous manufacturers on specific projects. High pressure cleaning is a part of us !