DERC Salotech AX-System

High pressure heat exchanger cleaningWaterjetting systems until 3000 bar provide simple, effective and superior cleaning for tubes, pipes, sewers, heat exchangers, screw extruders and other industrial equipment, as well as metalic or concrete surfaces which require deep cleaning and special preparation.

AX system distributes DERC Salotech products in France. Thanks to this partnership, we offer complete solutions to satisfy cleaning and industrial maintenance professionals, most demanding requirements.


Bundle cleaning high pressure waterjetNettoyage automatique échangeur thermiqueWatterjetting solutions

Constant innovation and more than 30 years of expertise and experience of our suppliers, allow us to offer certified products with the highest security and performance standards, to be used in Europe.

We supply professionals with more than 7000 products for waterjetting solutions:


  • Nozzles (fixed and rotative) for tubes, pipes and sewers
  • Safety products and protection gear
  • Conectors and adaptors
  • Automated solutions
  • Guns and foot valves
  • High speed swivels
  • Hoses and lances
  • Cold cutting
  • And more…

Hose drumTank high pressure cleaningSurface reparation nozzlesHigh pressure valve accesoriesBuses et inserts THP UHP


High pressure tube cleaner

A comprehensive catalogue of fixed and rotative nozzles for any type of applications with flexible hoses, rigid lances and other special tools.

The « RUNNER » is the most advanced and demanded nozzle of the market because of its versatility, simple maintenance and guaranteed results. It has been conceived and designed from industry and cleanning  professionals demands and needs. RUNNER provides high rotation speed for superior cleaning, reinforced hardened body, several diameter options, all type of inlet connectors and 3 (removable) head options.

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Polisher nozzle
Unplugger Nozzle
Tube cleaning Nozzle

Heat exchanger rotative nozzle

Rotative nozzle

Sewer and pipe nozzles

Nozzle for sewer cleaning

The « Sewer Razor » is a variable speed nozzle with advanced features to provide full functionality , needed when used in sewers and pipes.

This tool includes 1 front jet to unblock, 4 jets to clean and push, custom jets to descale. Other custom designs are possible on demand.

Its innovative design allows the tool to remove oil & grease, cut roots and provide finish before camera inspection.

Speed set up (variation) is possible on site manually (not oppening required).

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Sewer nozzle razorSewer nozzle high pressure

Automated solutions

Automated solutions, have been created to be more precise, fast and effective.  Waterjetting equipments then, are capable to deliver all the power they bring to the industry increasing efficiency and safety for users.

It doesn’t matter how big or complex the challenge is, with every sinlge automated solution, our customers obtain better and guaranteed results.

If it doesn’t exist, we will create it.

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Automatic exchanger cleaner
Full automated heat exchanger tubes cleaner
Variable speed pipe cleaning nozzle
Semi-automatic Large-Pipe cleaning system
Ship surface cleaning robot
Tank and ship surface cleaner
Bundle waterblast cleaner
Automated Tube-Bundle Cleaner


Pipe Cleaning
Pipe Cleaning
Nozle inserts
Tube Cleaning
Tank cleaning
Tank cleaning
Tube Bundle Cleaning
Tube Bundle Cleaning
Concrete Demolition
Concrete Demolition
Surface Preparation
Surface Preparation
Waterjet buse
Sewer Cleaning

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safety boot
Ultra high pressure gun
Guns & foot valves
High pressure hoses
Paper & Pulp Industry
Paper & Pulp Industry
Other Automated Solutions
Other Automated Solutions
Sewer nozzle chain
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