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By AX System

Cleaning Service for Heat Exchangers

AX System positions itself as a leader in cleaning services for air-cooled condensers and coolers for the industry, operating on numerous sites for heat exchanger cleaning operations. We primarily operate in the petrochemical, energy, and food processing sectors.

Mobile and Flexible Cleaning Solutions

Our division, AX Services, is equipped with ultra-mobile cleaning systems, mounted on trailers or in containers. These units can be rapidly deployed to any industrial site worldwide. Each kit is designed to provide all the necessary equipment for effectively cleaning condensers or air coolers, including:

  • High-pressure unit
  • Multi-nozzle cleaning head
  • Portable aluminum ladder, easy to transport
  • Hose reel pusher
  • Booster pump, pressure reducer, various fittings, and hoses
  • Complete kit for physical measurements and diagnostics

Expertise and Adaptability

Our field expertise allows us to tailor our solutions to specific tasks and various situations encountered. Based on our experiences, we continuously improve our products and services.

Innovations and Evolutions

The numerous innovations and developments in our products are the direct result of our real-world experiences. This allows us to stay at the forefront of technology and meet our clients’ needs precisely.

Turnkey Cleaning Kits

We also offer ready-to-use trailer-mounted cleaning kits for service providers looking to offer cleaning or diagnostic services in their region. These kits are fully equipped and enable quick and efficient implementation of industrial cleaning operations.

Noticing Performance Drops in Your Equipment?

Finned Exchanger Fouling

Heat exchangers are critical components in many industrial sectors, including petrochemicals, energy, and food processing. However, over time, these systems can become fouled, affecting their performance and efficiency. Here are the main causes of fouling and why regular cleaning is essential.

Causes of Fouling

  • Limescale: The buildup of limescale deposits can reduce heat transfer capacity and increase fluid flow resistance.
  • Pollen: Pollen particles can infiltrate ventilation systems and accumulate on exchanger fins.
  • Bird Droppings: Bird droppings and other debris can obstruct air passages.
  • Temperature: Temperature variations can lead to condensate formation and deposit proliferation.
  • Fiber Dust: Airborne fibers can accumulate on surfaces and form insulating layers.
  • Sand: Wind-carried sand particles can abrade surfaces and clog air passages.
Inside/Outside View
AX Cleaner in action
View before/after cleaning head passes over the fins.

Recover Your Performance

Before cleaning
Heat Exchanger Efficiency 70%
After Cleaning
Heat Exchanger Efficiency 100%

Fouled fins in heat exchangers lead to increased fan speeds to compensate for reduced airflow. This results in higher energy consumption and premature equipment wear.

Consequences of Fouling

  • Reduced Airflow: Fouling blocks fins, decreasing heat transfer capacity.
  • Increased Fan Speed: To maintain sufficient airflow, fans run faster, increasing energy consumption.
  • Higher Energy Consumption: Fans use more energy to compensate for obstructions, raising operational costs and carbon footprint.
  • Premature Equipment Wear: Higher speeds accelerate component wear, shortening fan lifespan.
Fan Speed (Y Axis) / Ambient Temperature (X Axis)
Comparison before cleaning (Red) / after cleaning (Blue)

We can adapt to all types of configurations, including A Frame, V Frame, Hexacool, Flat, Modular, etc.

A Frame


V Frame


AX SYSTEM Quality of Service

Equipment Care: Our systems are designed with your equipment's care in mind, ensuring no risk of heat exchanger damage, thus guaranteeing the longevity and efficiency of your installations.
Operator Safety: AX System stands out in operator safety. Our solutions are designed so operators remain on walkways, eliminating the need for scaffolding and high-altitude work. This not only enhances safety but also improves efficiency.
Efficient Water Usage: With AX System, you also benefit from efficient water usage. Our cleaning solutions are designed for effective cleaning without excessive water consumption. This contributes to environmental sustainability and can help reduce operational costs.

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