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What are ACC and ACHE ventelles used for?

Some heat exchangers are equipped with louvers, or shutters, whose opening can be adjusted based on desired performance levels.

When seeking to reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger, the louvers are closed, which has the effect of reducing the airflow and thus the efficiency of the exchanger. This adjustment might be made, for example, if the outside temperature is particularly cold and the process does not require significant heat exchange.

Conversely, when the air temperature is high and maximum cooling power from the exchanger is needed, the louvers are fully opened.

Heat exchangers equipped with this type of louvers are more challenging to clean. However, our AX Cleaner® is also adapted to these constraints with two possible technical solutions:

Use of a Compact Cleaning Head: This head is designed to slip between the fins and the louvers, allowing for effective cleaning even when space is limited.

Cleaning Through the Louvers: This method involves cleaning with the louvers in the open position, using a particularly powerful cleaning head that can effectively clean through the louvers.

Both approaches ensure that the heat exchangers continue to operate at optimal efficiency by maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces, even when configured with adjustable louvers for performance tuning.

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