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Why clean finned tubes ?

Effects of Fouling on ACC Performance :

Fouling primarily occurs when the airflow created by the fan carries debris under the heat exchanger, creating an insulating film on the finned tubes. This is the first effect. The second effect is the reduction of airflow through the fins. These effects lead to decreased thermal exchanges between the outdoor air and the fluid inside the finned tubes, reducing the efficiency of the air-cooled condenser.

Consequences include :

  • Reduced Cooling Efficiency: Dirty fins can obstruct the passage of air through the condenser or cooler, reducing heat dissipation capacity. This can lead to increased coolant fluid temperatures and decreased overall cooling system efficiency.


  • Increased Energy Consumption: When fins are dirty, the cooling system must work harder to maintain desired temperatures, leading to higher energy consumption and operational costs. Higher energy demand means increased electricity or fuel use, contributing to a larger carbon footprint.


  • Risk of Overheating : Severely obstructed fins due to dirt can lead to coolant overheating, potentially damaging cooling system components and leading to costly breakdowns.


  • Environmental Pollution : Dirty fins can accumulate contaminants and debris, leading to potential leaks. When these contaminants are released into the air or water, they can contribute to environmental pollution, affecting air and water quality.


  • Reduced Lifespan : Dirty fins can promote moisture and contaminant accumulation, leading to corrosion of metal surfaces. This can shorten the lifespan of the air-cooled condenser and necessitate premature repairs or replacement, leading to increased use of natural resources needed for manufacturing and installing new equipment.


Effects of Decreased Thermal Exchanges on Power Plant Performance :

When thermal exchanges decrease:

Steam condenses into water more slowly, explaining the reduced vacuum level in the steam manifold.

This reduction in vacuum level leads to decreased steam flow to the turbine.

Consequently, the turbine spins more slowly, producing less electricity.

Ultimately, the plant incurs financial losses.

To prevent performance declines, it is crucial to periodically clean the finned tubes to maintain your air coolers.


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