The client

  • Viridor Ardley ERF
  • Waste incinerator
  • EPC contractor: CNIM
  • ACCs manufacturer: GEA

Our work

Air condensers are used in most thermal power plants. We performed this installation in a waste incineration centre in the UK.

Breakdown of savings made

The upgrader handles 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste per year, generating enough electricity for 38,000 households thanks to its 29 MW steam turbine.

ACC cleaning, waste industryTo maintain this power, air condensers must remain efficient and therefore clean. Dust and pollen obstruct exchanger blades and reduce air circulation. This in turn lowers heat dissipation, reducing the maximum capacity and efficiency of the power generation turbine.

AX System ACC cleaning addresses this problem with its patented cleaning solution, consisting of:

  • A high-pressure pump which is installed on the ground and radio-controlled.
  • A multi-nozzle cleaning head which slides on the air cooler ladder
  • Upward and downward pressure via a motorised reel

The pressurised water passes through the blades and cleans the air condensers thanks to its flow rate, creating organic waste.

The exchange’s performance is restored after ACC cleaning.

  • Cleaning time: 2 pers x 3 days
  • Turbine power before cleaning: 26.05 MW
  • Turbine power after cleaning:  28.29 MW
  • Energy saved per month: 1,600 MWh
  • Financial savings: around €100,000/month