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A Frame ACC
(Air Cooled Condenser)

The type A condenser, shaped like a roof, is the most common in the market. Fresh air is forced in from under the structure, pushing cold air in a forced flow towards the fins. This generates progressive fouling inside the structure.

What does AX Cleaner bring to this type of air-cooled condenser?

AX Cleaner: Recover your original performance.

The Ax Cleaner is specially designed to meet the cleaning needs of A-shaped air-exchangers. Thanks to its innovative design and advanced technology, the Ax Cleaner is perfectly suited to effectively reach and clean hard-to-access areas of these exchangers.

Its ability to provide deep cleaning while maximizing operational efficiency makes it an ideal choice for maintaining optimal performance of A-shaped air-exchangers.

Where can you find this type of exchanger?

An A-shaped air-cooled condenser is a specific type of condenser used in power plants and industrial facilities to condense steam from the steam turbine. This type of condenser is named for its “A” shape when viewed from the side.

The A-shaped air-cooled condenser uses air as the cooling agent to condense steam into liquid water. Its “A” shape optimizes cooling efficiency by maximizing the thermal exchange surface area with the air. This “A” design also allows for better air circulation, contributing to enhanced cooling performance.

On this type of A-shaped exchanger, you might sometimes find “louvered” (or slatted) vents, which help regulate thermal transfers based on the heat output to be dissipated and the temperature and humidity conditions of the ambient air.

Functioning and Advantages

Optimization of Airflow : The “A” shape increases the available surface area for heat transfer between the condenser tubes and the ambient air. This arrangement allows for a more uniform passage of air across all tube surfaces, thus enhancing cooling through natural or forced convection using fans.

Cooling Efficiency : The specific orientation of the tube bundles within an “A” frame allows for more effective heat dispersion and faster cooling of the fluid inside the tubes. This increased efficiency can lead to a reduction in energy consumption for cooling, contributing to significant operational savings.

Reduction of Ground Footprint : Similar to the “V” design, the “A” configuration optimizes the use of vertical rather than horizontal space, which is particularly advantageous in areas where ground space is limited. This design allows for the integration of large cooling capacities in restricted spaces, offering an effective solution for sites with space constraints.

Durability and Reliability :

ACCs with an “A” configuration are designed to withstand tough environmental conditions, including strong wind gusts and snow loads. Their robust structure ensures a long lifespan of the system and increased reliability, thereby reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Applications and Implications

Power Plants :“A” shaped ACCs are particularly suited to power plants, where they play a crucial role in cooling process fluids and condensing steam, improving the overall efficiency of energy production.

Industries with Space Constraints :

For industrial facilities located in urban areas or other environments where space is at a premium, the “A” configuration offers an efficient cooling solution without requiring significant expansion of the ground footprint.

Reduction of Environmental Impact : By eliminating the need for water for cooling, “A” shaped ACCs support industries’ efforts to minimize their consumption of natural resources and their impact on the local environment.

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