• One concept
    One concept

    Many innovations with AX Cleaner system

  • AX Cleaner system patented
    AX Cleaner system patented

    Cleaning optimized of your ACC

  • Systems and components
    Systems and components

    High-pressure motor pump, HP products

  • Industrial products
    Industrial products

    Manufacturing in our workshops for intensive use

  • One company, one concept, many innovations
    Avec l'AX Cleaner pour le nettoyage des aéroréfrigérants
  • AX Cleaner nettoyage des aéroréfrigérants
    Améliorez l'efficacité de vos échangeurs avec un nettoyage automatique breveté
  • Motopompes HP, pompes nues, composants
    A range of complementary products from the world of high pressure
  • Industrial products for manufacturers
    Fabrication dans nos ateliers et dimensionnement pour un usage industriel

AX System : the news

AX System joins the #FRENCHFAB

During Global Industrie exhibition and in the presence of Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy, AX SYSTEM joined the #FRENCHFAB movement! Therefore, our first priorities are: Innovation: We continuously innovate and file... READ MORE