• One concept
    One concept

    Many innovations with AX Cleaner system

  • AX Cleaner system patented
    AX Cleaner system patented

    Cleaning optimized of your ACC

  • Systems and components
    Systems and components

    High-pressure motor pump, HP products

  • Industrial products
    Industrial products

    Manufacturing in our workshops for intensive use

  • One company, one concept, many innovations
    Avec l'AX Cleaner pour le nettoyage des aéroréfrigérants
  • AX Cleaner nettoyage des aéroréfrigérants
    Améliorez l'efficacité de vos échangeurs avec un nettoyage automatique breveté
  • Motopompes HP, pompes nues, composants
    A range of complementary products from the world of high pressure
  • Industrial products for manufacturers
    Fabrication dans nos ateliers et dimensionnement pour un usage industriel

AX System : the news

ACC Users Group

AX SYSTEM is sponsoring the ACC USERS GROUP conference which will be hold at Las Vegas from 2nd to 5th of October. How to clean efficiently, how often, which care to take, which... READ MORE