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By AX System

industrial fogging / misting

The performance of many industrial processes is directly influenced by ambient air temperature. During periods of high heat, the cooling of the heat exchangers becomes less effective, thus disrupting the overall operation of the installations. The sizing of exchange surfaces is often based on average climatic conditions. However, in the event of a heatwave, process control becomes complicated, affecting factory profitability.

Adiabatic Cooling Solution with High Pressure Fogging / Misting

High pressure misting represents an effective solution for stabilizing the performance of air condensers and air coolers. AX System, with its expertise in air coolers and high pressure, offers misting systems designed for adiabatic cooling.

Modular and Efficient Concept

Our concept is based on modules designed for each configuration, each module is equipped with numerous nozzles. These nozzles, with a diameter of 0.3 mm, spray 10 micron water droplets which evaporate on contact with air. This evaporation causes an adiabatic reaction, absorbing calories and thus reducing the air temperature.

Performance of each module: flow rate up to 12 L/min at 80 bar.
Modularity: the quantity of modules per heat exchanger is adjusted according to the flow rate necessary to achieve the required performance.
Application Example: Aero Condenser

For an air condenser (ACC), it is possible to install up to 100 modules, allowing a spraying of 540 L/min. This can reduce the airflow temperature by up to 6°C, depending on weather conditions (temperature and relative humidity).

Even at 100%, your air exchangers are underperforming? This is where our misting comes in!

Key Points for Optimal Efficiency

  • Maximum exchange surface: To be effective, it is crucial that the exchange surface between water and air is as large as possible. This involves producing the smallest droplets possible.

  • Droplet fineness: The high fineness of the droplets is essential for the proper functioning of the cooling device.

  • Control of high pressure: Thanks to our expertise, we use mineral nozzles of a few microns, at pressures of up to 100 bars, to obtain homogeneous and particularly fine droplets.

  • Adaptability to climatic conditions: Variations in air temperature and humidity may require adjustment of the water flow, controlled by a controller.

By integrating high-pressure misting solutions, AX System ensures efficient and stable cooling of industrial equipment, even in periods of extreme heat. Our modular technology and our control of high pressure guarantee optimal performance, thus improving the profitability and stability of industrial processes.

ACHE Fogging

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Heat Exchanger Capacity 100%
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