We offer assessment and diagnostic services for your air coolers and air condensers.

Optimising performance

Our experience in air-to-air heat exchangers means we can quickly identify the real needs of your system so that it performs as it originally did.

  • Our service includes monitoring static pressure upstream and downstream of the exchange surface. This drop in pressure makes it possible to determine the level of clogging, and whether cleaning is needed.
  • We can also measure the volume of air that crosses the exchange surface per unit of time, giving a permeability value of the exchanger, and check its heat exchange capacity.

We can measure the flow rate of the air blown by the blades, and therefore identify potential faults.

AX Checker

Our AX Checker allows a thorough thermal assessment by methodical gridding with an infrared camera, thus bringing to light clogged tubes or leaks.

diagnostic AX checker diagnostic AX Checker