AX System in high pressure cleaningAX System designs and manufactures high pressure water pumping units for your industrial applications. We are specialized in high power customized groups and for demanding environments.

Whatever the desired flow or pressure, we are complying to the specifications for the cleaning motors, injection pumps, test pumps and water hydraulic units. We select and combine all the necessary components to achieve exactly the pumping unit you need.

Home made hp pump chassisChassis

We are the designer and manufacturer of the chassis which, depending on the needs, are made of stainless steel or painted steel, and we select finely the set of accessories to guarantee the expected performances:

High pressure pump

hp pumpWe are a distributor in France of the Italian manufacturer HPP COMET of piston pumps, and thus benefit from a wide range of cast iron, stainless steel and bronze pumps for pressures from 20 to 1000 bars and flow rates from 12 to 480 l / min.

For exemple, these high pressure pump can use in high pressure cleaning.


We offer diesel, pneumatic, hydraulic (oil) or electric engines.

Diesel engines can be made explosion-proof in accordance with the ATEX directive. Electric motors can meet the different standards depending on the geographical area, such as the NEMA standard for the North America zone, for example.


The pump / motor coupling is made by mechanical reducer, by pulley-belt transmission, or by chain. Our motor pump units are equipped with an electrical cabinet with all protections and a frequency converter allowing the pump to be started progressively and to adjust the motor rotation speed (and therefore the pump flow rate).

The design and manufacture of our high-pressure units comply with the requirements of the machine directive 2006/42 / EC and thus benefit from the CE marking.


Our motor pumps are commonly used in the nuclear industry, the oil & gas sector, but also for very specific applications such as nonwoven hydrolyzed by powerful water jets or the injection of glycol into gas extraction wells natural.