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CLW Series

The high-pressure pumps made by Italian company hp pump HPP Comet are used in professional high-pressure cleaning requiring high flow rates.

AX System imports this brand and distributes for France many models with all power ratings and a full range of accessories.

  • Pressure from 90 to 1,000 bars
  • Capacity from 15 to 480 litres/mn
  • Power from 7.5 to 160 Kw

HPP high-pressure pumps are available in different formats:

  • Free shaft
  • On chassis (adaptation carried out in our workshop)
  • Thermal or electric motor drive with or without frequency control.

We also offer an after-sales service to those who buy our HPP high-pressure pumps and supply spare parts.

hp pump hpp MLR
MLR Series
hp pump HPP CH
CH Series
hp pump HPP CL
CL Series
hp pump HPP EL
EL-ELR Series
hp pump HPP ELH
hp pump HPP EV
EV Series
hp pump HPP RLR
RLR Series
hp pump HPP GLR
GL-GLR Series
hp pump HPP SLR
SL-SLR Series

About HPP Comet

HPP is a Comet SpA brand specialized in the design and construction of plunger pumps for water, strengthened by its technological know-how which is backed up by the most modern technology.

This means the company is able to offer a wide range of products to meet requirements that go from 16 to 140 kW with pressures up to 1500 bar. HPP pumps are manufactured using the most modern technologies both as regards the materials used and mechanical operations and heat treatments.

Comet is also able to provide a wide range of accessories, suitable for the specific needs of the single user. Professionalism and research make it a dynamic modern company intent on tackling and resolving the problems of a fast-evolving market.