visualisation de la mesure d'une caméra thermiqueThe AX patented system uses the head of a high-pressure water jet, which moves on the surface of an air heat exchanger. This permits to clean metallic fin, allow proper air circulation and reach better performances of thermal exchange.

In contact with our customers and in order to always improve the performance of our industrial facilities, we have developed a new tool, which diagnoses the of the air cooler with an infrared imagery.

AX Checker™

This mechanical system enables us to methodically scan the exchange surface with a thermal imager.

caméra thermique
Les zones comportant des défauts ressortent dans une couleur différente de celle de l’ensemble de l’échangeur analysé.

Infrared images gathered are located at points X and Y in the radiator. A computer processing of these informations permits to reconstitute an accurate thermal mapping of the exchanger.

Much can be learnt from this image about the radiator’s internal state. It enables to notice the obstrcuted or pierced tubes.

This innovative diagnosis method permits to have a more targeted treatment of defects and brings a significatif performance gain.

With the AX Checker™, have a different look on your exchangers.