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Modular Condenser ( W, Boxair,...)

Multi-faced condensers installed vertically are often used when ground space is limited. Their great height ensures an already effective natural draft, aided by fans at the top operating in induced draft.

The Hexacool concept refers to an innovation in the field of cooling systems, particularly used in the configurations of air-cooled condensers (ACC) or other industrial applications requiring efficient heat transfer. Although the term “Hexacool” may be specific to certain brands or designs, the underlying idea is based on the use of optimized geometric configurations, such as hexagonal shapes, to improve cooling performance and energy efficiency.

What does AX Cleaner bring to this type of air-cooled condenser?

AX Cleaner: Recover your initial performance.

The Ax Cleaner is specially designed to meet the cleaning needs of modular air coolers.

Thanks to its innovative design and advanced technology, the Ax Cleaner is ideally suited to reaching and effectively cleaning hard-to-reach areas of these exchangers.

Its ability to provide deep cleaning while maximising operational efficiency makes it an ideal choice for maintaining the optimum performance of modular air coolers.

Operating Principle

The Hexacool approach leverages hexagonal geometry to maximize the contact surface between the air and the fluid to be cooled, while optimizing space and improving airflow dynamics through the system. This configuration allows for more effective heat transfer compared to traditional designs, due to the uniform distribution of air and the reduction of dead spots where airflow could be less effective.

Advantages of Hexacool Technology

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: By maximizing the contact surface for heat transfer and optimizing airflow, Hexacool systems offer superior cooling efficiency, which can translate into reduced energy consumption for cooling.
  2. Compact and Space-Efficient: The hexagonal design allows for more effective arrangement of cooling system components, reducing the footprint needed and enabling easier integration into tight spaces.
  3. Durability and Reliability: Hexagonal structures are known for their sturdiness and resistance to external loads, which can contribute to the longevity and reliability of the cooling system.
  4. Design Flexibility: This technology can be adapted to a wide range of industrial applications, offering custom solutions for process cooling, HVAC systems, and other heat transfer needs. 

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